A concept of the world energy system

Belyaev, L.S., Rudenko, Y., & Sinyak, Y. (1994). A concept of the world energy system. International Journal of Global Energy Issues 6 (3-5) 275-279. 10.1504/IJGEI.1994.063552.

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The nature of future energy development in different regions of the world are rather uncertain due to unclear results of technological progress in nuclear and renewable energy sources, environmental consequences including CO2 emissions, etc. Nevertheless, further growth in energy demands, mainly in developing countries, with a corresponding extension of the global energy supply is expected in the next century. Together with uneven distribution of energy resources throughout the planet this may cause further development of large energy systems of various kinds. And one possibility is the formation of a multiproduct world energy system that integrates specialized energy systems of power– , gas– , oil– and heat–supply into a single technologically interconnected aggregation. The concept of such a system is discussed in the paper.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: energy demand and supply, energy development, energy operations, energy storage, energy systems, fossil fuels, international cooperation, large energy centres, nuclear energy, nuclear power, renewable energy sources
Research Programs: Environmentally Compatible Energy Strategies (ECS)
Bibliographic Reference: International Journal of Global Energy Issues; 6(3/4/5) [1994]
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