Research Abstract of the Project for Environmental Pollution Control in Japan

Sawaragi, Y. & Ito, K. (1975). Research Abstract of the Project for Environmental Pollution Control in Japan. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-75-023

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"Environmental Pollution Control," a research project, was conducted by the Education Ministry for a period of three years from April, 1972. The project involves some 200 researchers from the universities in Japan and is composed of a number of research groups as classified by objects and by methods. The figure illustrates the division of the problem in a matrix form; the objects of research of the environmental systems are classified laterally as air, water, solid waste, noise and vibration, and transportation. The system engineering methodology is classified longitudinally as data processing modeling, planning and designing, control and the total system technics. In the cross section of these items will be generated new themes of different nature from the conventional treatment. For example, the cross section of air and data processing will present a research theme of digital simulation of the air pollution, and air modeling will present research on the diffusion model of the pollution in air. Another example is the combination of stochastic control with traffic, which will become the problem of control of traffic congestion.

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