Employment and Unemployment in Russia from Microeconomic Perspective

Busse, M. (1994). Employment and Unemployment in Russia from Microeconomic Perspective. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-94-091

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The Economic Transition and Integration (ETI) Project at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) has built on the institute's tradition of promoting collaborative research between East and West. The ETI Project's proven ability in dealing with issues pertaining to the transformation from central planning to market economies has been valuable for policy-makers and scientists alike. As a result, the government of the Russian Federation turned in 1992 to the ETI Project to organize a series of seminars and provide reports on topics of concern to the government. The Ford Foundation and Pew Charitable Trusts have generously provided financial support for the seminar series.

This report summarizes the contribution of participants at a seminar held at IIASA on 23-25 June 1994 "Employment and Unemployment in Russia from a Microeconomic Perspective." This workshop was an attempt to deepen the understanding of and unveil some of the mysteries in Russian employment and unemployment. Topics ranged from the demographics of employment to the lack of unemployment despite severe output declines, and from in-depth studies of certain sectors and industries to comparisons with some Central European employment circumstances. More specifically, seminar participants presented papers and had discussions in five research areas: recent developments in employment and unemployment, adjustments in the use of labor, case studies, the experience of East European countries in unemployment concentrated to regions and sectors, and finally future prospects of employment.

This wide array of paper presentations and discussions was enhanced by the willingness of workshop participants from Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, and the West to share their experiences and engage each other with provocative thoughts. Through this iterative process, the workshop was successful in shedding light on the empirical facts of employment and unemployment, better understand some mysteries surrounding facets of this data, and in the end make some valuable speculation about the future of employment and unemployment in Russia.

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