Regional Development of Agriculture in the Black Triangle

Kucera, Z. (1994). Regional Development of Agriculture in the Black Triangle. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-94-081

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The permanent conflicts between agriculture and industry in the so-called Black Triangle region caused necessary change in the production structure. The formed socialization of the productive basis made worse this situation, created the large-scale technologies on one hand, on the other hand it has been increasing soil degradation and the fluctuation of population in the country. The result and the main problem is, that nobody want to take care of the agriculture land. All together this means a high risk of soil and landscape degradation, cumulating problems in cities and ground water degradation. This study aimed to answer following main questions: (1) How is the current situation in agriculture. (2) What maximum production could be achieved through change to extensive technologies without causing any landscape and natural degradation. (3) Which policy measures could be used to change to a desirable structure.

In the Black Triangle all the problems of current Czech agriculture become acute. The agriculture is now in transition. The privatization and transformation are already going. All agriculture enterprises must change the form from state and cooperative farm to private companies, cooperation's of land owners or family farm. This is very complicate situation and it takes a long time. This study should give a reaction to this process and be useful against future mistakes.

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