Comparison of Models for Climate Change Assessment of River Basin Runoff

Yates, D. & Strzepek, K.M. (1994). Comparison of Models for Climate Change Assessment of River Basin Runoff. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-94-045

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Two lumped-integral conceptual models, a non-parametric regression model and two annual "screening" models are used to compare the impact of climate variability on 5 basins at varying spatial scale and climactic characteristics around the world. Where data were available, different time steps were used to address the influence of the temporal scale on climate impact assessment of river runoff. The purpose of this exercise is to gain insight into the general applicability of these models and assess the impact of spatial and temporal scale on model results derived from changes in two key climate variables: precipitation and temperature. For two of the basins, the East River in Colorado USA and the Mulberry River in Arkansas USA, a comparison is made between these models and results taken from past research on basins using distributed integral models on a 6 hour time step. An additional objective of this study was the selection of a robust model that can be used to assess regional vulnerability of water resources to climate change where data availability is limited.

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