When Chinese companies negotiate with their government

Faure, G.O. & Chen, D. (1995). When Chinese companies negotiate with their government. Organization Studies 16 (1) 27-54. 10.1177/017084069501600102.

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Drawing on case study material, this paper analyzes a complex negotiation between a Chinese company and local government. It highlights the main char acteristics of such a negotiation and describes the rationale and outcomes of the process. Observations made in a Chinese context may provide insights for negotiators working in other cultural contexts when they address the question of resolving universal difficulties in government-organization negotiations. Lessons are drawn on matters such as the logic implemented in order to deal with power within an asymmetric setting or some workable approaches used in conflict handling, especially in case of deadlock. Finally by emphasizing three cultural dimensions — national—ethnic, organizational and profes sional — this study analyzes some key features of negotiated management in the Chinese context.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Chinese enterprise; negotiation; power; complexity; deadlock management; contractual relationship
Research Programs: Processes of International Negotiation Network (PIN)
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