Carbon dioxide emission scenarios and nuclear energy

Morita, T., Matsuoka, Y., & Kainuma, M. (1995). Carbon dioxide emission scenarios and nuclear energy. Progress in Nuclear Energy 29 (Supp) 143-150. 10.1016/0149-1970(95)00037-K.

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This study has two main sections. First, we will review future global emission scenarios. This shows that the carbon intensity of fuels is a very important factor in determining CO2 emission rates. Second, we will show the relationship between the introduction of nuclear energy and other energy types to supply future energy demands. This will be discussed by referring to the analysis of global warming abatement policies and energy conservation policies conducted using the computer simulation model that we developed.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Global warming; carbon dioxide emission; nuclear energy; carbon intensity; computer simulation; energy conservation
Research Programs: Methodology of Decision Analysis (MDA)
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