The IIASA Project on Urban and Regional Systems: A Status Report

Swain, H. (1975). The IIASA Project on Urban and Regional Systems: A Status Report. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-75-010

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The IIASA Project on Urban and Regional Systems commenced early in 1974 with an initial emphasis on policy issues involved in national settlement systems. By year's end, when we hosted an international conference on the topic, more than half the group was working on one or another aspect of settlement systems, considered from the point of view of a national-level decision maker.

Other members of the group are working on urban emergency services and automated traffic guidance systems, with the intention of providing, early in 1976, volumes which could guide practitioners through the latest in the state of these arcane arts.

Emerging concerns, as we near mid-1975, are in the areas of resource-conserving and resilient approaches to urban design, and in the comparative performance of large urban regions. Throughout, close cooperation with other projects has been maintained on such subjects as power facility siting, regional development, and standards for environmental management.

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