Proceedings of a IIASA Conference on Computer Communications Networks

Butrimenko, A. (1975). Proceedings of a IIASA Conference on Computer Communications Networks. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-75-007

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This publication contains the papers presented at the Conference on Computer Networks organized by the Computer Science Project of IIASA in October 1974.

This area is one of the main concerns of the Computer Science Project, but also has a broader significance for the Institute. IIASA deals with various problems of industrialization and its consequences, and inevitably depends on permanent working contacts with a number of national institutions. The interdisciplinary and international character of the Institute is essential to success in finding solutions to these problems. Applied research today depends heavily on the use of large amounts of data and data processing. We believe that connecting computers installed in various national institutions will contribute significantly to the achievements of the main goals, allowing for the exchange of data and programs, and in this way facilitating the understanding of problems, resulting in faster solutions.

This Conference was the first of a series of conferences and workshops to be held on this topic. In addition to the exchange of ideas and the discussion of problems arising in networking, it was intended also to identify people and institutions that were interested in establishing links contributing to the achievement of the goals of the Institute. In addition to the presentation of papers and formal discussions, discussions on the periphery of the conference were probably of equal importance. The papers presented do not reflect the spirit of cooperation which was very characteristic of the conference. However, we feel that the publication of these papers will be useful to the scientific community and give a picture of recent developments in this area.

Mr. J. Sexton and Miss U. Sichra are staff members of the Computer Science Project who devoted a great deal of their time and efforts to the editing of the papers. Mrs. H. MacKinnon was especially helpful in the technical editing and polishing of a number of the papers presented.

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