Proceedings of the UNEP/IIASA Meeting of Experts on Environmental Management

Knop, H. (1975). Proceedings of the UNEP/IIASA Meeting of Experts on Environmental Management. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-75-006

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The objectives of the meeting were described in the following manner:

1. To help establish the basis for a long-range plan of research work aimed at the inclusion of environmental dimensions into economic planning and management techniques;

2. To contribute to the formulation of criteria for the comprehensive evaluation of development projects and their consequences;

3. To delineate the concept of environmental management and draft a report which could serve as an important input into the further work of UNEP in the field of environmental management.

It was emphasized that the meeting would be one of the first steps made by UNEP for developing a comprehensive approach to the complex and still unexplored subject of environmental management. The delegates should strive to identify the problems associated with environmental management, to establish a basis for a research program, and to attempt to define the concept of environmental management.

It was explained that this meeting differed from others that the delegates may have attended in that previous work on environmental management would not be discussed. Rather, the delegates should consider the meeting a starting point for the scientific work to be done at IIASA and other scientific institutions within the framework of UNEP.

It was pointed out that participation in the meeting by IIASA staff was limited in order to ensure very informal discussion. IIASA specialists would be invited to participate in the working groups that would be formed if desired.

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