Nuclear Energy and its Alternatives

Häfele, W., Avenhaus, R., Sassin, W., & Weingart, J.M. (1975). Nuclear Energy and its Alternatives. IIASA Research Memorandum. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RM-75-073

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Irrespective of the type of primary energy considered, every large-scale use of primary energy has its specific disadvantages. The problem is therefore to select and combine the various types of primary energy in a way that is optimal in terms of economics and has acceptable side effects. In the medium term, coal is the only real alternative to nuclear energy, and in fact is its partner rather than a competitor. The large-scale use of solar energy opens up supra-regional perspectives such as the demand for land and the storage and transportation of energy. Secondary energy becomes a more important factor and hydrogen seems to be a better partner for solar energy than is electricity. The timely build-up of a modern secondary energy system is of importance for the longer-term energy supply requirements.

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