Diffusion and Learning Curves of Renewable Energy Technologies

Christiansson, L. (1995). Diffusion and Learning Curves of Renewable Energy Technologies. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-95-126

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In this analysis, experience (or learning) curves are used to study future potentials and obstacles for the diffusion of renewable energy technologies. Experience curves describe improvements in technology as a result of gaining experience in producing and using a technology (learning). These evolutionary technology improvements and cost reductions are (among other factors) important driving forces for the diffusion of new technologies. Experience curves have been used for several years within many industries and are applied here as a method for describing possible dynamics in the introduction of renewable energy technologies. In a comparison using the experience curves, wind technology seems to have comparatively less difficulties entering the energy market, while photovoltaic technology will require higher cost reductions (learning) than measured today and/or huge market volume growth. The analysis also shows that, given adequate support, renewable energy technologies could meet much of the growing future energy demand, contributing to a new energy era.

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Research Programs: Environmentally Compatible Energy Strategies (ECS)
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