DESERT: Decision Support System for Evaluating River Basin Strategies

Ivanov, P., Masliev, I., Kularathna, M., Kuzmin, A., & Somlyody, L. (1995). DESERT: Decision Support System for Evaluating River Basin Strategies. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-95-023

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An integrated PC-based software package for decision support in water quality management on a river basin scale has been developed. The software incorporates a number of useful tools, including an easy-to-use data handling module with a dBase style database engine, simulation and calibration of hydraulics and water quality, display of computed data with the help of external spreadsheet software, and optimization based on dynamic programming algorithm. The main utility of the package is to provide useful and powerful instrument for water quality assessment and decision making in emission control, including selection of wastewater treatment alternatives, standard setting and enforcement at the river basin level. Two versions of the decision support software are presented, the current version and development of a follow-up program with extended features.

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