Water quality models: Typologies for environmental impact assessment

Varis, O. (1996). Water quality models: Typologies for environmental impact assessment. Water Science & Technology 34 (12) 109-117. 10.1016/S0273-1223(96)00859-1.

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Much of the practical use of water quality models is related to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). There is a boom of released EIA guidelines from various institutions, typically with little reference to specific methodologies. This paper presents a discussion on the applicability of various water quality modelling approaches for use in different phases of an EIA protocol. The criteria used include the project cycle process, decision types, scales of impact and paradigms and cognitive styles of problem solving. Illustration is given with a selection of approaches used in a range of natural, socio-economic and institutional settings.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Decision analysis; Environmental impact assessment; Modelling; Project cycle; Water quality
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Bibliographic Reference: Water Science and Technology; 34(12):109-117 (1996)
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