Configurations of series-parallel networks with maximum reliability

Gutjahr, W., Pflug, G.C. ORCID:, & Ruszczynski, A. (1996). Configurations of series-parallel networks with maximum reliability. Microelectronics and Reliability 36 (2) 247-253. 10.1016/0026-2714(95)00004-L.

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The optimal design problem for networks with three-state components is the following: select from a given class of networks with n components, each of which can be operative or experience an open-mode or a shorted-mode failure state, the network with maximum reliability. We present an algorithm for solving this problem in the case of two-stage series-parallel networks, i.e. networks consisting of a number of series configurations linked in parallel or vice versa. For practically relevant network sizes (up to 100 components), the algorithm is fast.

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Research Programs: Risk, Uncertainty, and Complexity (RUC)
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