Virtual design system using customer's Kansei structural model

Imamura, K., Nomura, J., Kuribayashi, K., Tamura, H., & Gotoo, M. (1996). Virtual design system using customer's Kansei structural model. Transactions of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan 1 (1) 40-45.

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Since 1990, Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. has been developing several VR application systems for industrial use. In this paper, Kansei structural modeling ofcustomer's kitchen planning process is described. This system employs Kansei engineering technique which acquires customer's structure of feeling for system kitchen by translating kansei images into the real kitchen deisign components. Questionnaires and interviews are made to 24 kitchen planners about 51 kitchen images. CART(Classification and Regression Tree) method is used for analyzing these data. As a result of analysis, the relation of kitchen design components and customer's image is cleared. Interactive DSS using VR and kansei engineering is proposed by based on this relation model. A real-world problem of kitchen planning process has been dealt with successfully by the proposed procedure.

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