Nonsmooth sequential analysis in Asplund spaces

Mordukhovich, B.S. & Shao, Y. (1996). Nonsmooth sequential analysis in Asplund spaces. Transcripts of the American Mathematical Society 348 (4) 1235-1280.

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We develop a generalized differentiation theory for nonsmooth functions and sets with nonsmooth boundaries defined in Asplund spaces. This broad subclass of Banach spaces provides a convenient framework for many important applications to optimization, sensitivity, variational inequalities, etc. Our basic normal and subdifferential constructions are related to sequential weak-star limits of Frechet normals and subdifferentials. Using a variational approach, we establish a rich calculus for these nonconvex limiting objects which turn out to be minimal among other set-valued di erential constructions with natural properties. The results obtained provide new developments in infinite dimensional nonsmooth analysis and have useful applications to optimization and the geometry of Banach spaces.

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