Gaming Model to Study the Problem of Sharing Natural Resources

Sokolov, V. & Zimin, I. (1975). Gaming Model to Study the Problem of Sharing Natural Resources. IIASA Research Memorandum. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RM-75-040

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The problems of sharing natural resources (SNR) are constantly growing in their practical importance. The pattern of the distribution of natural resources is highly irregular and the price for natural resource extraction is high. Moreover, due to intensive exploitation, some resources are becoming scarce and others are approaching exhaustion. These problems affect the pattern of resource exploitation in different parts of the world and eventually the strategies for national development. Thus there is stress upon the necessity for defining reasonable proportions of development with due regard for the trade-offs between restricted natural resources and the requirements for growth over time.

One approach to dealing with the SNR problem is based on the direct involvement of men in a model. This enriches the properties of a model considerably and moves it closer to reality. Such an approach to the solution of complex problems is known as gaming or interactive simulation and has been under development for some time. Existing experience with gaming simulation shows its high potentiality as an instrument for studying development strategies in systems with multiple conflicting goals.

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