Fuzzy Linear Programming in DSS for Energy System Planning

Canz, T. (1996). Fuzzy Linear Programming in DSS for Energy System Planning. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-96-132

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Energy system planning requires the use of planning tools. The mathematical models of real-world energy systems are usually multiperiod linear optimization programs. In these models, the objective function describes the total discounted costs of covering the demand for final energy or energy services. The demand for various forms of energy or energy services is the driving force of the models. By using such linear programming (LP) formulations, decision makers can elaborate suitable strategies for solving their planning problems, such as the development of emission reduction strategies.

Uncertainties that affect the process of energy system planning can be divided into parameter and decision uncertainties. Data or parameter uncertainties can be addressed either by stochastic optimization or by the methodology of fuzzy linear programming (FLP). In addition, FLP allows explicit incorporation of decision uncertainties into a mathematical model.

This paper therefore aims at evaluating the methodology of FLP with respect to the support that it offers the decision-making process in energy system planning under uncertainty.

Employing the parallels between multi-objective linear programming (MOLP) and FLP, problems of FLP in decision support system applications are pointed out and solutions are offered. The proposed modifications are based on the methodology of aspiration-reservation based decision support and still enable modeling of uncertainties in a fuzzy sense. A case study is documented to show the application of the modified FLP approach.

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