Historical Development of Soil Protection and Land Use in the Rhur Area

Wink, R. (1996). Historical Development of Soil Protection and Land Use in the Rhur Area. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-96-035

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The following paper aims at the provision of background information for an intended identification of key elements of soil protection and land use policies in the Ruhr Area referring in particular to the use of soils contaminated by heavy metal emissions. This information serves as a contribution to the Rhine/Black Triangle Policy Comparison which is part of the IIASA project on "Regional Material Balance Approaches to Long-Term Environmental Policy Planning". This project takes a systems view concentrating on the impact of four heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead and zinc) especially on agricultural soils in the Black Triangle and Upper Silesia Region.

The Rhine/Black Triangle Policy Comparison focuses on the analysis of policy options for reducing the negative consequences of soil contaminations in the Black Triangle. As regions with a high intensity of soil contaminations by anthropogenic heavy metal pollution and many common features concerning the economic development, the Ruhr Area and Katovice Voivodship and their specific natural, socio-economic and political conditions are the main topic of the comparison. A historical investigation of past policies in the Ruhr Area to reduce heavy metal pollution shall lead to the recognition and evaluation of their key elements from an economic point of view. Finally, considering specific socio-economic conditions in the Katovice Area, conclusions with regard to possible options for a transfer of policy elements from the Ruhr Area which seem economically beneficial shall be drawn. In this context, the information of the following paper serves as a basis for the intended economic evaluation of soil protection policies in the Ruhr Area.

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