Forest Phytomass and Carbon in European Russia

Lakida, P., Nilsson, S., & Shvidenko, A. (1996). Forest Phytomass and Carbon in European Russia. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-96-028

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Regression equations for basic fractions of forest phytomass have been developed for the European-Ural part of Russia based on available experimental data and publications (preliminarily examined 962 sample plots and aggregations). 8 main forest forming species (pine, spruce, oak, birch, beech, aspen, alder, lime) which were involved into analysis cover in European Russia about 95% of total forested areas. The equations allow to evaluate the ratio between phytomass fractions weight and growing stock by species, age and site indexes. The application of the equations to the Forest State Account data (1988) gives the total (living) phytomass in forest ecosystems of European Russia (forested area of 166.0 Mha, growing stock of 20.28 bln m3) of 15.47 Pg drt matter (density 9.32 kg/m2). The total carbon pool was estimated 7.64 Pg C with average density 4.60 kg C/m2 in 1988. Analysis of uncertainties of data and used methods showed that the results which based on FSA data probably underestimate real values for about 5% with standard error +/- 7-8% with confidential (apriori) probability 0.8-0.9. Used this assumption unbiased estimate of total storage of phytomass in forest vegetation were calculated for 1993 of 16.94 Pg (average density 10.36 kg/m2 ) and for C content respectively (8.37 Tg and 5.03 kg/m2 respectively). The changes of forest phytomass in 1966-1993 were estimated of 4.73 Pg (or about 174 Tg of dry matter/year) and for C - 2.34 Pg, i.e. the European Russian forests provided during 1966-1993 net sink of carbon in forest vegetation about 87 Tg C annually.

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