Impediments to exports in small transition economies

Cooper, R.N. & Gacs, J. (1997). Impediments to exports in small transition economies. MOCT-MOST : Economic Policy in Transitional Economies 7 (2) 5-32. 10.1023/A:1009578305656.

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This article reports about a research project that explored the impediments to exports that small transition economies face once the initial systemic changes and the switch to Western markets have taken place. In this kind of exploration, the main questions that arise are the following: Are the impediments to exports mostly external and demand related or do they have more to do with supply, i.e. rooted in the inherited or newly created domestic conditions and national policies? Are the impediments to exports similar or significantly different across the STEs? How have governments enhanced exports after losing much of their freedom to interfere in the activities of enterprises? How do enterprises assess their opportunities to export versus selling on the domestic market? What typical strategies have enterprises developed to overcome existing barriers? To what extent do export impediments shape the evolving geographic structure of trade, and which industrial branches seem to show sustainable export potential in the STEs? What role does Western capital in the form of joint ventures play in the development of competitive export potential in STEs?

Unlike the recovery of domestic sales, the expansion of exports has relatively little to do with domestic macroeconomic factors and much to do with numerous and highly differentiated microeconomic conditions, both in the country concerned and in its foreign markets. For this reason, our investigation places an emphasis on microeconomic empirical evidence....

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Research Programs: Economic Transition and Integration (ETI)
Bibliographic Reference: MOCT-MOST: Economic Policy in Transitional Economies; 7(2):5-32 (June 1997)
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