A systems analysis approach to nuclear facility siting

Gros, J.G., Avenhaus, R., Linnerooth, J., Pahner, P.D., & Otway, H.J. (1976). A systems analysis approach to nuclear facility siting. Behavioral Science 21 (2) 116-127. 10.1002/bs.3830210206.

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This paper attempts to demonstrate an application of the techniques of systems analysis, which have been successful in solving a variety of problems, to the question of nuclear facility siting.

Within the framework of an overall, regional land use plan, a methodology for establishing the acceptability of a combination of site and facility is discussed. The consequences, e.g., the energy produced, thermal and chemical discharges, radioactive releases, aesthetic values, etc., of the site-facility combination are identified and compared with formalized criteria in order to ensure what might be called legal acceptability. Failure of any consequences to satisfy standard requirements results in a feedback channel which works to effect design changes in the facility.

When legal acceptability has been assured, the project enters the public sector for consideration. The responses of individuals and of various interested groups to the external attributes of the nuclear facility gradually emerge. The criteria by which interest groups judge technological advances reflect both rational assessment and unconscious motivations. This process operates on individual, group, societal and international levels and may result in two basic feedback loops: one which might act to change regulatory criteria; the other which might influence facility design or site selection. Such reactions and responses on these levels result in a continuing process of confrontation, collaborative interchange and possible resolution in the direction of an acceptable solution.

Finally, a Paretian approach to optimizing the site-facility combination is presented for the case where there are several possible combinations of site and facility. A hypothetical example of the latter is given, based upon typical preference functions determined for four interest groups.

The article summarizes the research efforts of the Project on Energy systems of the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, IIASA, in Laxenburg, Austria, and its joint research project with the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, on risk assessment.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Decision processes; Nuclear facility siting; Site-facility selection; Paretian analysis; Multiattribute utility function
Research Programs: Energy Program (ENP)
Bibliographic Reference: Behavioral Science; 21(2):116-127 (March 1976)
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