The IIASA Water Resources Project: A Status Report

Kaczmarek, Z. (1976). The IIASA Water Resources Project: A Status Report. IIASA Research Report. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RR-76-015

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Water is a limiting factor to development in many regions of the world. The idea of including water resources problems in the IIASA research program was advanced by the late Professor Alexander M. Letov, the first leader of the Water Resources Project. In accordance with the discussions at the IIASA Water Planning Conference in June 1973, the Project focused attention on specific problems of universal methodology for water resources development and optimal operation. Results of these studies were presented orally to the Water Project Advisory Committee and to members of IIASA at a seminar held in Laxenburg, Austria, on June 3, 1975.

This report is the written version of the oral presentation. Section I presents the historical background and general framework of the Project; the following two sections describe the major methodological results obtained from modeling water resources systems and from applying optimization techniques to river basin management, respectively. Section IV gives some results of the cooperative studies carried out by IIASA and by National Member Organizations.

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