Toward green mobility: The evolution of transport

Ausubel, J.H., Marchetti, C., & Meyer, P.S. (1998). Toward green mobility: The evolution of transport. European Review 6 (2) 137-156. 10.1017/S1062798700003185.

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We envisage a transport system producing zero emissions and sparing the surface landscape, while people, on average, range hundreds of kilometres daily. We believe this prospect of ‘green mobility’ is consistent in general principles with historical evolution. We lay out these general principles, extracted from widespread observations of human behaviour over long periods, and use them to explain past transport and to project the next 50 to 100 years. Our picture emphasizes the slow penetration of new technologies of transport, adding speed in the course of substituting for the old ones in terms of time allocation. We discuss in increasing detail railroads, cars, aeroplanes, and magnetically levitated trains (maglevs).

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