What two legs can learn from four legs

Sigmund, K. & Nowak, M.A. (1998). What two legs can learn from four legs. Nature 395 (6704) 760-76. 10.1038/27368.

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From Aristotle's "Zoon Politicon" to George Orwell's "Animal Farm," philosophical and literary discussions of human social life have often alluded to its beastly side. Conversely, research on animal societies has brought science close to areas traditionally reserved for philosophy and the humanities - too close for comfort, some seem to think. It was all very well to derive convenient morals from animal fables. But a vocal in-group of biologists, a few of them best-seller writers, claim that our moral sense and our civic virtues are actually inherited from animals. These two books by A.L. Dugatkin and Steven Frank studiously avoid the minefield of human social evolution, but draw a considerable amount of their appeal from the resonances animal societies have with our own....

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Bibliographic Reference: Nature; 395(6704):760-76 (22 October 1998)
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