The terrestrial carbon cycle: Implications for the Kyoto Protocol

Steffen, W., Noble, I., Canadell, J.G., Apps, M., von Schulze, E., Jarvis, P., Baldocchi, D., Ciais, P., et al. (1998). The terrestrial carbon cycle: Implications for the Kyoto Protocol. Science 280 (5368) 1393-1394. 10.1126/science.280.5368.1393.

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The Kyoto Protocol achieved a significant breakthrough by including terrestrial carbon sources and sinks into a legally binding emissions reduction framework. The effectiveness of the portocol can be improved by adopting a full carbon budget. Terrestrial carbon sinks are part of an active biological cycle and can offset fossil fuel emissions only temporarily, from decades to a century. They can thus buy time to address anthropogenic perturbation emissions.

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Bibliographic Reference: Science; 280(5368):1393-1394 (29 May 1998)
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