Application of a Model of Planned Change to the Analysis of the Organization of Regional Problems

Demb, A. (1976). Application of a Model of Planned Change to the Analysis of the Organization of Regional Problems. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-76-016

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The definition of regional development we have posed focuses on regional development programs which alter the nature of development in a region in a direction which would not have occurred as a natural consequence of ongoing economic or social forces. The program thus imposes a "change" on the region which is the result of a "planned" policy decision. In the field of organization research, analysis of the management of planned change has been the focus of attention for twenty years. In this portion of the case analysis I hope to apply some of these concepts to gain further insights into the dynamics of regional development.

The purpose of existing research in this area has been to clarify several dimensions of change in human systems. The most general purpose is to describe and model the process of inducing and maintaining change in human systems. Within the context of the modeling research, attention has been focussed on the nature of the mechanisms for implementing change in organizational settings. This research evolved into the development of strategies for the management of change in large organizations which has been directed toward application in the fields of management and consulting. The objects of this research fall within the first and second of these areas: the dynamics of inducing and maintaining change, and the nature of the implementation mechanisms.

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