Still going strong: Community forests in Sweden

Carlsson, L. (1999). Still going strong: Community forests in Sweden. Forestry 72 (1) 11-22. 10.1093/forestry/72.1.11.

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The Swedish forest commons have survived for more than one hundred years; no deforestation has been observed and the total amount of biomass is increasing. The forests are regarded by experts as well managed both in terms of efficiency and with regard to the preservation of biodiversity.

Compared with other types of ownership the commons have a very special organization. The base consists of 25 000 shareholders with property rights in the forests. This is a medieval pattern of ownership that seems to survive; moreover, it seems to be quite prosperous within the realm of modern society with its highly competitive forest industries. Three main explanations are discussed: the commons' conscious attempts to reduce transaction costs, their general inventiveness in adjusting to changed circumstances, and their acclimatization to the logic of the negotiated economy characterized by fuzzy borders between different sectors.

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Bibliographic Reference: Forestry; 72(1):11-22 [1999]
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