Optimal control and differential games

Feichtinger, G., Dawid, H., & Hartl, R.F. (1999). Optimal control and differential games. Annals of Operations Research 88

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The papers contained in this and the next volume are essentially a selection of contributions to the 6th Viennese Workshop on Optimal Control, Dynamic Games, Nonlinear Dynamics and Adaptive Systems, held in Vienna in May 1997. The focus of the articles in this volume lies on optimal control and dynamic games. They represent the state of the art in the application of optimal control theory to dynamic economic decision problems. As will be described below in more detail, there are several focuses in different areas of application, ranging from classical advertising models and growth models to applications in crime prevention. With respect to the decision situation, we have arranged the articles in three groups:

-- Decision problems with one decision maker in a deterministic world: deterministic optimal control.

-- Decision problems with one decision maker in a stochastic world: stochastic optimal control.

-- Game situations with at least two decision makers: dynamic games....

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