Systems Studies of Nuclear Energy Development in the USSR

Melentiev, L.A., Makarov, A.A., & Belostotsky, A. (1976). Systems Studies of Nuclear Energy Development in the USSR. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-76-012

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It is one of the goals of the Energy program not only to do in-house research but to promote and pursue collaborative research and exchange of information with other institutions. One may view this interest as an attempt for a broader IIASA Energy program that encourages a wider vision of energy problems. Indeed, the number of groups that closely cooperate with the program is increasing; given our premise, reports of those groups may well be seen as an output of this broader Energy program.

The present paper is a major contribution of the Institute of High Temperatures, Moscow, and the Siberian Power Institute, Irkutsk, USSR. It points to the systems implications of the development and future trends of the nuclear option against the background of the fuel resource situation in the USSR.

Tangible contributions of this kind add to the understanding of actual systems problems. It is IIASA's intention to continue with such collaborative papers and to try to follow up on this line of activities.

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