The Forest Industrial Sector of Russia: Opportunity Awaiting

Backman, C.A. (1999). The Forest Industrial Sector of Russia: Opportunity Awaiting. Lancaster: The Parthenon Publishing Group. ISBN 1-85070-661-1

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This book has been written to fill some of the void that has plagued research and analyses connected with the forest sector of Russia. The Russian forest sector and resources are presented and their regional diversity detailed. A greater understanding of how the forest resource is used is revealed by examining the forest resource, its ability to support harvest, and the degree to which it has supported different uses of roundwood production. Markets external to the forest sector are identified in much more detail than have hitherto been presented, and the ability of the forest sectors in other republics of the former Soviet Union are revealed to show prospects in a future far from the turbulence caused by systemic change. Overarching considerations are detailed that must be factored into a longer term appreciation of the forest sector, including the important issues of prices and costs, utilization of the deciduous resource and low quality wood, technology, and domestic demand. Through a simulation of possible paths of development, an indication of the future structure of the forest sector can be seen.

This book will thus appeal to a broad cross section of readers, including industrialists, consusltants, environmentalists, and academics. It will show that opportunities do exist in Russia but cannot be taken for granted. There remains much that the government can do to encourage a revival of the forest sector; however, there still remain uncertainties in developing a clear picture of the forest sector and seeing what can be done to promote sustainable development of the forest resources and the industry that relies on it. Similarities with other industries will undoubtedly become apparent, and many of the recommendations and observations will be applied to other sectors. Extensive data are presented in the Appendix and provide a useful resource of background information in Russia.

The book is structured as follows. The forest sector in Russia is reviewed in Chapter 2, including utilization of deciduous resource and the important topic of prices and costs. Chapters 3-6 explore regional diversity in forest resources and utilization in European Russia, West Siberia, East Siberia and the Far East. Chapter 7 discusses the trade patterns of Russia and the republics that belonged to the former Soviet Union. The analytical methodology employed to investigate future developments in the forest sector is presented in Chapter 8. Included is a broad discussion of how objective conditions in Russia have impacted on the chosen methodology. A number of scenarios are analyzed and discussed in Chapter 9, focussing on accessibility of the resource, capital requirements, and different outlooks for forest product demand. Policy implications and future avenues of research are presented in Chapter 10. Finally, an extensive statistical resource is presented in the Appendix.

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