The Determinants of Attitude Formation: An Application to Nuclear Power

Otway, H.J. & Fishbein, M. (1976). The Determinants of Attitude Formation: An Application to Nuclear Power. IIASA Research Memorandum. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RM-76-080

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This paper presents an expectancy-value model which allows identification of the technological, psychological and social determinants of attitude formation. The utility of the model with respect to attitudes toward nuclear power, and attitudes toward the risks associated with nuclear power, was tested by an empirical application. Attitudes estimated from the model correlated highly (r = 0.66 and 0.76, respectively) and significantly (p < 0.001) with direct measures of these attitudes. An analysis of the cognitive structures underlying attitudes, including a comparison of sub-groups "pro" and "con" nuclear power, is reported. These groups were found to significantly differ in their beliefs concerning the benefits of nuclear power but not in their beliefs about the risks. A similar analysis of sub-groups relatively favorable and unfavorable toward nuclear power risks suggests that those who believe that people are involuntarily exposed to these risks, and in a passive way, also tend to judge the risks as being unacceptable.

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