The Radiation Legacy of the Soviet Nuclear Complex

Egorov, N.N., Novikov, V., Parker, F., & Popov, V.K. (2000). The Radiation Legacy of the Soviet Nuclear Complex. London: Earthscan Publications Ltd. ISBN 9781853836589

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Major releases of radioactive materials to the environment occurred in the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War due to the production and testing of nuclear weapons. Understanding of the significance of these releases to the environment in the Soviet Union, with the information that has become available since the end of the Cold War, is only beginning. This volume represents the first authoritative and detailed information available outside of the Soviet nuclear complex, allowing comparisons to be made of the quantities of radioactive materials produced in the West with those produced in the East.

This unique study gives the location and characteristics of the accumulated radioactive material and wastes by each sector, from ore and mining to use and disposal. Through the use of clear maps and precise tables and figures, comprehensive data is presented on volume and activity, nuclide composition, state and concentration, and discharges into the environment. It describes type of storage, capacity and utilization, age and location. It gives information on the territories and locations that have been contaminated, by normal operations and by accidents, from which strategic plans for remediation can be formulated.

The sectors considered in the study include uranium raw materials mining and processing, nuclear fuel fabrication, nuclear power plants, the nuclear navy, plutonium production and radiochamical reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel, manufacturing and utilization of nuclear warheads, and nuclear weapons tests.

This volume provides a unique resource for policy makers, analysts, and professionals in the relevant industries; it will be the starting point for all those concerned with and responsible for addressing the legacy of the Soviet nuclear complex and its implications.

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Research Programs: Radiation Safety of the Biosphere (RAD)
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