Management and standards for perturbed ecosystems

Fiering, M.B. & Holling, C.S. (1974). Management and standards for perturbed ecosystems. Agro-Ecosystems 1 301-321. 10.1016/0304-3746(74)90040-7.

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This paper introduces some new constructs for measuring the effectiveness of environmental standards and for formalizing the economic and social costs of meeting them. It emphasizes the element of recovery time (and of its manipulation) in ecosystem management, and thereby lays the mathematical foundation for further study of an Environmental Zoo (a physical entity in which living organisms are stocked to replenish depleted numbers in the field) and for evaluation of long-term exposure to low-level pollutants. The biological models presented here are taken directly from Holling, whose work distinguishes importantly between the properties of "stability" and "resilience", and who is continuing even now to apply these concepts to management of the spruce budworm in the province of New Brunswick. In place of conclusions, this paper identifies a few potentially fruitful programs for further work.

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Bibliographic Reference: Agro-Ecosystems; 1:301-321 [1974]
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