Speciation in multidimensional evolutionary space

Vukics, A., Asboth, J., & Meszena, G. (2003). Speciation in multidimensional evolutionary space. Physical Review E 68 (4) 10.1103/PhysRevE.68.041903.

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Adaptive Dynamics in two dimensional phenotype space is investigated by computer simulation. The model assumes Lotka-Voltera type competition and a stochastic mutation process. The carrying capacity has a single maximum in the origin of the strategy space and the competition coefficient decreases with strategy difference. Evolutionary branching, an asexual analogue of adaptive speciation, is observed with suitable parameters. The branching at the singular point, which is a fixed point of the directional evolution, may occur into two or three, but no more directions. Further branchings may occur after the initial separation. The probability of three-branching is studied as a function of several parameters. We conclude that the two-way branching is the predominant mode of adaptive speciation.

Item Type: Article
Research Programs: Adaptive Dynamics Network (ADN)
Bibliographic Reference: Physical Review E; 68(4):041903 (7 October 2003)
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Date Deposited: 15 Jan 2016 02:15
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URI: https://pure.iiasa.ac.at/6808

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