Management and the effect of MITIs R&D project: case study from a supercomputer project

Nakamura, Y. & Watanabe, C. (2003). Management and the effect of MITIs R&D project: case study from a supercomputer project. Technovation 23 (3) 221-238. 10.1016/S0166-4972(01)00085-2.

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This report analyzes the results of the Supercomputer Project, which was executed as a government-sponsored R&D project starting in 1981. The conclusions of this paper are as follows: (1) There was not much need for the government to carry out the Supercomputer Project on a national-scale because three companies had already decided to introduce supercomputers and were ready to implement R&D for practical use when the national project was inaugurated. Therefore, there was little room for the government to intervene in this matter. (2) One possibly appropriate way to evaluate the quality of this project would be on the number of paper citations resulting from it. There were fewer for this project than for similar computer projects. We can therefore judge that this project had relatively little effect. (3) A high-speed computer with 10GFLOPS, one of the objectives of the project, was successfully made, but the devices that were developed to replace silicon have never been applied to computers. As stated above, we cannot say that the project has proven to be successful. However, we discovered that devices to replace silicon, such as JJ devices and HEMT devices, were not suitable for computer use. They were, however, used with mobile phones and high-speed devices for satellite broadcasting instead, resulting in a large profit. When evaluating an R&D project, it is important to evaluate the accomplishment of the objective set before the project is launched, but the indirect effects, which could not have been anticipated, also have to be evaluated.

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Bibliographic Reference: Technovation; 23(3):221-238 [2003]
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