Future Supply of Nature-Made Petroleum and Gas

Meyer, R.F. (1977). Future Supply of Nature-Made Petroleum and Gas. Oxford: Pergamon Press. ISBN 978-0-08-021735-2

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This book deals with the availability and extractability of nature made petroleum and gas deposits. It is the result of a joint IIASA/UNITAR conference held in July 1976, and contains 57 chapters arranged in 9 sections: world perspectives on conventional petroleum, petroleum resource classification, conventional oil and gas deposits, enhanced oil recovery, gas in tight formations, gas in geopressurized reservoirs, other unconventional deposits, and technology transfer. The book discusses broad aspects of present and future supplies of nature made oil and gas, and brings out the increasing necessity of international cooperation in the field of energy resources. Through international cooperation and the development and use of advanced technology, natural energy resources may be sufficient to allow a more gradual transition to non-fossil fuels than was previously thought possible.

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