Fusion and Fast Breeder Reactors

Häfele, W., Holdren, J.P., Kessler, G., & Kulcinski, G.L. (1977). Fusion and Fast Breeder Reactors. IIASA Research Report. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RR-77-008

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In a two year study, a team of researchers has evolved a comparison of fast fission breeders and D-T fusion reactors, as both nuclear reactors allow, at least in principle, for an essentially unlimited supply of large amounts of energy. In this report, resources for the two reactor types are briefly reviewed, and their present status is discussed in terms of scientific, engineering, and commercial feasibility. Reference reactor systems are the German/Belgian/Dutch fast breeder prototype SNR 300, a liquid-metal fast breeder reactor, and the deuterium-tritium TOKAMAK fusion reactor concept. Radioactive inventories of reactor economies are discussed in length, with emphasis on the biological hazard potential index for comparing relative hazards on pathways (inhalation, ingestion) and injuries to the human body. The safety problem involved in normal operating losses and exposure centers around releases of tritium in fusion, and around alpha-emitters, iodine-129, and krypton in fission. Design basis accidents as well as acts of war, sabotage, and hypothetical events are dealt with under non-routine releases. Safeguards are analyzed in the non-proliferation context. Materials--a problem more severe for fusion than for fission--and the impact of radiation damage are an important chapter. Reactor strategies for commercialization are evaluated in terms of timing of related programs and their funding. Great care has been taken to appropriately introduce the problem of nuclear energy and to put the conclusions in the proper perspective.

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