Study on the impacts of climate change on China's agriculture

Liu, H., Li, X., Fischer, G., & Sun, L. (2004). Study on the impacts of climate change on China's agriculture. Climatic Change 65 (1) 125-148. 10.1023/B:CLIM.0000037490.17099.97.

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This paper measures the economic impacts of climate change on China's agriculture based on the Ricardian model. By using county-level cross-sectional data on agricultural net revenue, climate, and other economic and geographical data for 1275 agriculture dominated counties, we find that under most climate change scenarios both higher temperature and more precipitation would have an overall positive impact on China's agriculture. However, the impacts vary seasonally and regionally. Autumn effect is the most positive, but spring effect is the most negative. Applying the model to five climate scenarios in the year 2050 shows that the East, the Central part, the South, the northern part of the Northeast, and the Plateau would benefit from climate change, but the Southwest, the Northwest and the southern part of the Northeast may be negatively affected. In the North, most scenarios show that they may benefit from climate change. In summary, all of China would benefit from climate change in most scenarios.

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Research Programs: Modeling Land-Use and Land-Cover Changes (LUC)
Bibliographic Reference: Climatic Change; 65(1-2):125-148 (1 July 2004)
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