Some Aspects of the Application of Analytical Techniques in U.S. Governmental Program Management

Voronkov, A. (1977). Some Aspects of the Application of Analytical Techniques in U.S. Governmental Program Management. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-77-014

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During recent years developed countries have paid increasingly more attention to the development and implementation of complex, large-scale programs in different spheres of public policy: space, investigation, exploration of new territories, rational use of natural resources, environmental protection, etc. Some of the more remarkable examples of such programs are: the formation of the Bratsk-Ilimsk Territorial Production Complex; the construction of the Baikal-Amur Railway; and the development of the Nechernoziernnaja zone of the RSFSR in the USSR; the TVA experience; the construction of the Trans-Alaska pipeline in the USA; construction of the Shinkansen Railway in Japan.

The programs were developed and implemented by countries with different socio-economic systems, and in diverse spheres of governmental activity. They are also characterized by different scales, goals, degree of government involvement and other features. However, in spite of existing differences, one can find some common methodological and organizational aspects in the management of large-scale programs. Analysis of these aspects along with the generalization of experiences, both positive and negative, gained by different countries could provide a basis for improving public management. In this respect IIASA, with its ability to organize international and multidisciplinary scientific teams to tackle problems of program management, plays a role that can hardly be over-estimated.

This paper attempts to elucidate the integration of some analytical approaches into U.S. government program management.

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