Optimization of Technological Growth

Kryazhimskiy, A.V. & Watanabe, C. (2004). Optimization of Technological Growth. Kanagawa: Gendaitosho. ISBN 4-906666-30-2

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This collective IIASA monograph summarizes results on modeling processes of technological growth, obtained within the framework of the research program on Comparative Analysis of the Endogenous Techno-economic Process: Technology Spillovers in Japan, the US, Europe and APEC Countries conducted by the IIASA's Dynamic Systems group and Watanabe's Laboratory at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1999 2002. The monograph presents control- and game-theoretic studies of models of:

- optimal regulation of technological growth via investments in R&D;

- optimal allocation of resources in R&D in a "follower" economy;

- optimal timing in commercialization of innovations;

- optimal operation of the market of patents; and also a

- qualitative analysis of long-term behavior of large-scale techno-labor systems.

Applications to assessment of empirical data on Japan's industry are discussed. The concluding chapter presents a novel control-theoretic framework for analysis of long-term processes of economic growth.

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