Peculiarities of Shallows in Regulated Reservoirs

Melnikova, G.L. (1977). Peculiarities of Shallows in Regulated Reservoirs. IIASA Professional Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: PP-77-002

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This paper is concerned with the shallows of water reservoirs, which are located between the shore line and the deep water area. The intermediate location of these shallows is the reason that their formation, especially at large amplitude of water level oscillations, is a very complex process. At the same time the role of these shallows is subject to considerable discussion in the relevant literature.

Comprehensive investigations of water quality at present include not only the technological aspects of pollution control (waste treatment, water purification, etc.) but also the relevant ecological problems which in turn are closely related to social problems and to the conditions of human life.

This paper describes the role of reservoir shallows, taking into consideration the entire spectrum of the above mentioned aspects. Special stress is given to the filtering role of shallows; they act as natural filters protecting water in the reservoir against the nonpoint source pollutants of agricultural origin which are difficult to control.

The degree to which the reservoir shallows can act as the "natural filters" depends on their structure, which in turn depends on the regime of water level oscillations in the reservoir. This dependence makes possible the control of natural processes which occur in the ecosystem of the reservoir's shallows by the appropriate control of the reservoir water levels.

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