On the Reappraisal of Microeconomics: Economic Growth and Change in a Material World

Ayres, R.U. & Martinas, K. (2005). On the Reappraisal of Microeconomics: Economic Growth and Change in a Material World. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. ISBN 1

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The conventional utility-based approach to microeconomics is now nearly a century old and although frequently criticised, it has yet to be replaced. On the Reappraisal of Microeconomics offers an alternative approach that overcomes most of the objections to orthodox theory, whilst offering some unique additional advantages.

The authors present a new approach to non-equilibrium microeconomics that applies equally to production, trade and consumption, and that is also consistent with the laws of thermodynamics. This new theory is not limited to equilibrium or near-equilibrium conditions. The core of the theory is proof that, for each agent (firm or individual), there exists an unique function of goods and money (denoted Z) that can be interpreted as subjective wealth for an individual or the owners of a firm. Exchanges may occur only when both parties enjoy an increase in subjective wealth as a consequence. On average, this Z-function will increase over time if, and only if, the agent obeys a simple decision rule in all economic transactions: namely to 'avoid avoidable losses'understood, or AAL, it being understood that some losses are unavoidable. Dynamic equations describing growth (or decline) can be derived simply by calculating time derivatives of a wealth function, without the need for constrained maximization of an integral of utility (or some surrogate) BM_1_over time. The Z-function also has a number of other interesting properties that can be used for multi-agent and multi-sectoral simulation models to explore a variety of economic situations that cannot be addressed so easily using conventional methods.

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