Multi-Organizational Strategies: An Analytic Framework and Case Illustrations

Davies, C., Demb, A., Espejo, R., & Ostrowski, R. (1977). Multi-Organizational Strategies: An Analytic Framework and Case Illustrations. IIASA Research Memorandum. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RM-77-004

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Last November the Management and Technology Area had its Status Report on the results of its research activities during 1976. This Research Memorandum is the report that the internal "Organizations Group" of Management and Technology presented.

Two different case studies are reported. The first one is concerned with the impacts of oil development off-shore of the North East coast of Scotland. While presenting some of the findings specific to Scotland, our main intention with this part of the paper is to convey the methodology we have developed to study the organizational dimension of large development programs. This methodology is used in the second part, the Bratsk-Ilimsk Territorial Production Complex case study, to do the analysis of a particular policy issue today under the attention of Soviet policy makers, namely the need for new management mechanisms to support the present evolution of territorial production complexes.

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