The IIASA Health Care Resource Allocation Sub-Model: Mark 1

Gibbs, R.J. (1978). The IIASA Health Care Resource Allocation Sub-Model: Mark 1. IIASA Research Report. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RR-78-008

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Within the context of the IIASA Health Care System model the function of the resource allocation sub-model is to simulate how the HCS allocates limited supplies of resources between competing demands. The principal outputs of the sub-model should be the numbers of patients treated,in different categories, and the modes and standards of treatments they receive. The Mark 1 version of the sub-model is described in this paper. It simulates the allocation of one resource within one mode of treatment but it should be possible to use the approach to develop further versions to cover more general cases. The main assumption of the model is that in allocating its resources the HCS attempts to optimise a utility function whose parameters can be inferred from data on past allocations. Depending upon the type of data that is available different procedures for parameter estimation are required. The procedures for parameter estimation can be incorporated with the algorithm for solving the model into a computer programme whose main inputs consist solely of empirical data. The programme is fairly small and can readily be installed on most scientific computer installations. The use of the sub-model is illustrated by a hypothetical application using hospital data from England.

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