Opportunities for Land-based Carbon Sequestration in Slovakia

Bizikova, L. & Tubiello, F.N. (2007). Opportunities for Land-based Carbon Sequestration in Slovakia. IIASA Interim Report. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: IR-07-028

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Land use and land cover change practices contribute to climate change mitigation initiatives by increasing biotic carbon storage, and by producing biomass for bioenergy, as a substitute for fossil fuels. In this paper we examine opportunities in Slovakia for two land use activities, reforestation and short-rotation forest plantation, using four scenarios. In order to evaluate alternative GHG emission reduction policies, of carbon sequestration supply curves were constructed for both activities, for all regions in the country. Our regionally detailed results apply novel modeling approaches involving spatially explicit analyses of land biophysical and economic productivity that are easily applicable to other transition countries.

The overall theoretical maximum sequestration potential on agricultural land by reforestation in Slovakia accounts for approximately 10% of national CO2 emissions. More realistic scenarios, focusing on lower quality marginal land have a potential for carbon sequestration of approximately 1.7%-2.4% of total CO2 emissions. In our estimations, potential maximum use of biomass for bio-energy, using all available agricultural land, would be 64% of renewable energy consumption, with reference to average usage during 1997-2002. Realistic potentials of bio-energy generation on lower quality land may cover about 6% of total demand. We conclude by discussing needs to integrate biophysical and economic model estimates of carbon sequestration potential with local and regional information collected through a stakeholder engagement process. Overall, we argue that there is a necessity to embed carbon sequestration activities within regional development plans, and to back up land use and forest policies with adequate economic incentives and public engagement in environmental decisionmaking.

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Research Programs: Modeling Land-Use and Land-Cover Changes (LUC)
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