Dynamic Models of the Interaction between Migration and the Differential Growth of Cities

Cordey-Hayes, M. & Gleave, D. (1974). Dynamic Models of the Interaction between Migration and the Differential Growth of Cities. IIASA Research Report. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RR-74-009

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The general area of interest of this paper is the dynamic relationship between regional imbalances, migration, and the differential growth of cities. In particular, the paper considers the feasibility of building dynamic models of the economic and demographic interactions between a set of linked cities, which could be used to explore the effects and repercussions of national settlement policies addressed at the alleviation of imbalances.

Inter-regional economic growth models are well known, and, recently several papers have focused on inter-regional demographic models. There has been less research on the dynamics of the interdependent interaction between economic and demographic growth. This paper focuses on this economic-demographic adjustment for a system of linked city regions and considers research results which point to several difficulties in building theoretically well structured dynamic models of differential city growth.

Part of the paper considers the inadequacies of current theories of inter-regional population migration and a new approach based on job-search theory is outlined.

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