Economic growth and development: Towards a catchup model

Li, J. & Ayres, R.U. (2008). Economic growth and development: Towards a catchup model. Environmental and Resource Economics 40 (1) 1-36. 10.1007/s10640-007-9138-z.

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We develop a model for economic growth applicable to a group of countries, constituting around half of the gross global production, that have been consistently "catching up" to the US since 1960 or so. This group can be termed "the convergence club." The model has a theoretical basis developed in other publications (cited), but the present work is essentially empirical. It demonstrates that there is a very strong correlation between "catchup" growth, with respect to the US, and an energy proxy (EP). The energy proxy that works best is a linear combination of domestic electric power consumption petroleum (oil) consumption, per capita, compared to the US levels. The results presented here do not constitute a theory of growth, but they are consistent with theory presented elsewhere. On a practical level, we argue that consistent "catchup" trends over the past 40 years can safely be extrapolated for a few more decades for scenario construction purposes. We also believe that the observed catchup trends can be regarded as "potential" mid-term or long-term growth trajectories for transition economies and others that have recently been adversely affected by conflict or mismanagement.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Economic development; Energy; Electrification; Petroleum; International
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Bibliographic Reference: Environmental and Resource Economics; 40(1):1-36 [2008]
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