Managing the inconceivable: Participatory assessments of impacts and responses to extreme climate change

Toth, F.L. & Hizsnyik, E. (2008). Managing the inconceivable: Participatory assessments of impacts and responses to extreme climate change. Climatic Change 91 (1) 81-101. 10.1007/s10584-008-9425-x.

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A comprehensive understanding of the implications of extreme climate change requires an in-depth exploration of the perceptions and reactions of the affected stakeholder groups and the lay public. The project on "Atlantic sea level rise: Adaptation to imaginable worst-case climate change" (Atlantis) has studied one such case, the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and a subsequent 5-6 m sea-level rise. Possible methods are presented for assessing the societal consequences of impacts and adaptation options in selected European regions by involving representatives of pertinent stakeholders. Results of a comprehensive review of participatory integrated assessment methods with a view to their applicability in climate impact studies are summarized including Simulation-Gaming techniques, the Policy Exercise method, and the Focus Group technique. Succinct presentations of these three methods are provided together with short summaries of relevant earlier applications to gain insights into the possible design options. Building on these insights, four basic versions of design procedures suitable for use in the Atlantis project are presented. They draw on design elements of several methods and combine them to fit the characteristics and fulfill the needs of addressing the problem of extreme sea-level rise. The selected participatory techniques and the procedure designs might well be useful in other studies assessing climate change impacts and exploring adaptation options.

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Research Programs: Modeling Land-Use and Land-Cover Changes (LUC)
Bibliographic Reference: Climatic Change; 91(1-21):81-101 [2008]
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